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KSRTC Online Booking - Ensuring Decent Travel Every time
12.04.2014 13:34

 Like every state has its own transport medium, Karnataka too has its own transport for the state known as Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation. It is the Government run state board organization, which is responsible for running vehicles within the state and a few of the neighbouring states for ensuring connectivity. The bus transport organization looks after the daily requirements of the people by providing convenient means of communication. KSRTC also has its own web portal which has accounts of all the buses running under it. The KSRTC online booking can be done if a passenger wants to travel from one part of the state to another or to another state.


The buses run within the state locally and also carry passengers outside it. Destinations like Hyderabad, Mysore, Bangalore, Mangalore, Goa, Mumbai, Madurai, Chennai, Cochin and Trivandrum are covered by the travel corporation. Different types of buses are operated for different categories of people. Starting from air conditioned to non air conditioned, deluxe and Volvo type buses are available under the travel group. Sleeper class buses are also available for longer routes. Since it is a state run board, the different class of passengers are kept in the mind. Unlike other private travel groups which only contains hi-fi buses and vehicles for those people of the rich strata of the society, usually state run boards are made is accord with every people in mind.



                                                     KSRTC Online Booking | Image Credit :


The KSRTC online booking has further narrowed down the pressure of burthensome ticket booking which was the case earlier. The tickets were used to be made at the offline counters. Now it is possible to do everything with just few clicks of the mouse.  


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