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MSRTC Bus Fares are Affordable By All People
24.02.2014 17:09
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Buses provide a cheap mode of travel to the people who cannot afford the high prices of private taxis and cars. MSRTC is owned by the government of Maharashtra and stands for Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation. It was introduced in 1948 to provide affordable transport to the people of Maharashtra. It consists of ordinary, luxury and semi luxury buses reaching all the villages, towns and cities in the state. MSRTC Bus Fares are quite affordable to the common man.


The state corporation has more than 16,000 buses running under it, carrying about 7 million passengers daily to various destinations. It is estimated that more than 17,000 routes are covered by the buses. Other than operating inside the state, it also offers service to the adjoining states. The longest route of the corporation is the Mumbai-Bangalore route covering about 978 km. Non AC city buses, Mini buses, Semi comfortable buses, Deluxe buses and fully air conditioned coaches are some of the buses operated by MSRTC.
Tickets fares in ordinary buses are affordable to all whereas the ticket prices in AC buses are high and not affordable to all. Shivneri and Ashwamedh are air-conditioned luxury buses that connect all the major cities in the state. The buses are very comfortable and comprises of Volvo buses. Many of them offer long-distance services.

You have the facility to check MSRTC Bus Fares online on the official website of the corporation and also on other travel and tourism websites. These websites offer convenient booking of tickets anytime, anywhere.


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