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Travel Across Maharashtra With Saini Travels
13.03.2014 14:24

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The road travel becomes a fun ride when you travel in a bus that has the best amenities and timely service. Saini travels is one such travel and tour transport company that gives utmost importance to punctuality and safety.

  • Given below are some of the important features of the travel company:
  • Instead of one driver, there are two drivers on-board the bus. This way the ride is safe and if one of the drivers’ is tired, the other takes over.
  • Ladies will get separate seats up at the front upon request. They give importance to the comfort and safety of the women.
  • Perfectly air-conditioned coaches’ gives you the utmost comfort even during peak of the summer seasons.

The travel company provides bus services to almost all the places across the state of Maharashtra. Apart from the normal passenger services, the travel company has several tour packages, which the customers can choose online. These travel packages include trips to domestic locations, international trips, jungle safaris and just short breaks to some exotic locations.

The interested customers can book the tickets on the official website of the travel company. They can pay with their credit card, debit card, internet banking and cash cards. They can take a print of the ticket or e-mail the same to the desired mail id.
Additionally, there is the option to cancel the ticket and the customer will receive the refund within the next 7-working days. Saini Travels gives loyalty points to its regular customers. To get the points added to their account automatically, the customers can create an online account with the travel company.


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